19 - 21 Mar 2024

Singapore EXPO

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Foshan YuanTong Adhesive Co Ltd

Foshan YuanTong Adhesive Co Ltd, located in the national high-tech Zone, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, was established in 1998. Whether through the GuangSan Highway, Foshan First Loop, Second West Loop, Foshan West Station or the 321 Trunk Road, it is easy access to the company.  For many years, the company has been engaged in  specialized research and development, production and sales in construction structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant sealant, stone sealant, glass sealant, polymer anti-fungus sealant, electronic adhesive sealant and other silicone products.

The Company has a new modern garden-like plant, covering an area of more than 26,000 square meters, first-class laboratory equipment and advanced production equipment. In 2006, the company imported a static mixer automatic production line from Italy, highly enhancing automatic production. In 2008 the company also integrated resources and optimized production equipment, achieving automatic or semi-automatic production from printing to packaging. After specialists in adhesive equipment from Europe and Asia developed the most modern silicone production equipment, the whole equipment had been fully constructed and assembled in Italy, and then imported to our country since 2012. The equipment which became the first global multi-functional automatic production line, after successfully commissioning, greatly improved product quality and achieved more than 30,000 tons silicone sealants with high quality annually.  In 2014 the company invested in a fully automatic production plant with an annual production of 20,000 tons and a total annual production of 50000 tons. We gained a good reputation between customers and the industries, for each product was guaranteed to delivered to customers on time with standard quality and accurate quantity.  Our quality motto is “Scientific Management, Innovative Products, Satisfactory Service and Joint Development.

In order to present products with excellent quality to the consumers, Yuan Tong Adhesive Co Ltd  emphasizes on products development,  selecting environmental friendly raw materials. Products quality strictly adhere to National Standards,  all indicators meeting national requirements. We strictly control on production processes and testing processes according to a high requirement ahead of the industry. We aim to be a pioneer adhesive industry domestically by superb products and scientific research. 

The company has invited national suppliers for inspection and exchanges for several times, and the highly qualified team provides a stable foundation for the company's development. Through tireless effort by research and development personnel,  YuanTong Adhesive Co Ltd was awarded several national certification, creating a new landmark in the adhesive sector,  acclaimed and being popular in the industry.  Passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification in 2005 and in 2006 became a production and marketing national enterprise for structural silicone.  YuanTong Adhesive Co Ltd was nominated for (Architectural Design Manual) (Doors Curtain Wall) album in 2007; used the international standards products logo certificate in 2009; obtained the standard good behavior certificate (AAA)  and  quantitative packaging merchandise measurement qualified logo (C logo); and finally was awarded Guangdong Province Enterprise II level measurement system certification in 2012; obtained China building materials CTC certification in 2013. The company participated in the preparation of national standards:   1. Secondary Edge Silicone Sealants for Structurally Glazed Insulating Glass Units;   2. Building  Sealants for Fire Resistance;    3. Building  Sealants for Stone.

The company provides a complete range of products, best selling to  all provinces and cities in China as well as to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South America and other countries, being well received and trusted by users.    Major projects include: Guangzhou South railway station, Nanning Airport, Nanjing South railway station, Shenzhen North Station project, Bengbu meteorological tower, Suzhou Wanda Plaza, Tianjin Sports Center and other major projects. Yuantong adhesive products, with superior quality, scientific and environmental features, are favored by many customers. Increasing customers choose YuanTong Adhesive Co., Ltd, because of its profession, so as to possess a comprehensive and perfect engineering solution.

Yuan Tong Adhesive Co., Ltd, with the spirit of "pioneering, enterprising, integrity, and innovation",  established a highly competent management team and an efficient and pragmatic team. The company has shown a trend of diversification,  corporate culture and internationalization.  Its subsidiaries include Heng Qing Metal Building Materials Co., Ltd,  YUAN TENG new material Co., Ltd,  Huixi Building Hardware Products Co., Ltd,  YingShan Decorative Co., Ltd,  YuanTong Materials (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Ltd, and in late 2014 together with a top European technician, the company  established  the PU Department, producing polyurethane anti-fungus sealant and a range of products.

Scientific management, innovative products and satisfactory service, joint development! YuanTong sincerely welcome new and old customers coming together hand in hand to strive for excellence, and create a  better tomorrow!